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Synthetic Turf surfaces, installed by EcoSoft Surfacing professionals, ensure durability, safety and aesthetic appeal year after year, with a non-abrasive finish and Tri-Color Technology that is ideal for playground use.


EcoSoft Synthetic Turf surfaces consist of minimum 1.75” thick, non-abrasive polyethylene fibers designed specifically for outdoor use. Each Synthetic Turf surface is treated with UV inhibitors and stabilizers which allow the surface to resist the effects of ultraviolet degradation, heat, foot traffic, water and airborne pollutants.


Keeping the health and safety of children in mind, our Synthetic Turf surfaces contain no toxic substances or heavy metals. Because it is designed with both safety and maintenance in mind, our Synthetic Turf makes it superior to sod, wood chips, sand and other surfaces as a playground application.


Safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal make an EcoSoft Surfacing playground more fun for everyone!


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